Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Chemical NanoEngineering

New two-year Master Program
(Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree)
in Chemical Nano-Engineering
shared by three universities (France, Poland, Italy)
will start in September 2018


If you are interested to apply for our Master Program, please read the summary and follow the application procedure.







Aix-Marseille University,     

Marseille, France   

University of Rome        

“Tor Vergata”        

Rome, Italy        

Wroclaw University of

Science and Technology,

Wroclaw, Poland

The applications to join Master in Chemical NanoEngineering in September 2018 will be open starting November 1, 2017.


Program overview:

Two of the Partners are engineering Universities (PL and IT), which is important for the program goals towards excellence in nano-engineering innovation. The third partner (FR) has a strong chemical nano-science profile which will allow us to teach our students the chemical fundamentals during the first semester in Marseille. The complementarity among the three partners plays a key role in designing our Consortium and the joint program:


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