Research topics

Simulations of  mechanism of adsorption in porous materials

Computer modeling : Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics method, minimization methods

Thermodynamics and dynamics of molecular solids and structural phase transitions

Modeling of alcanes and polymers adsorbed on surfaces

Methodology of multiscale modeling

Modeling of intermolecular interactions

Hydrogen and Methane Storage Materials for Fuel Cell Applications; adsorption in porous systems

Research responsibilities

• Responsable a l'Univerite Aix-Marseille: ANR HyStor
• Porteur du projet et responsable de coopertion international avec University of Missouri, USA

• Responsable du projet et de coopertion international avec Politechnika Wroclawska, Pologne

Referee in the following scientific journals

Adsorption, Applied Surface Science, Carbon, Computers and Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Journal, Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Journal of Molecular Modeling, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Langmuir,  Surface Science, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Microporous & Mesoporous Materials

PhD advisor

Total : 15

Scientific impact (April 2015)

Communications in international conferences :  ~145
Publications : ~165

Citation report (source Web of Science)
• h-Factor:
• Sum of times cited without self-citations: ~1750
• Citing articles without self-citations : ~1450