Elaboration of controlled size Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5(PO4)​3 crystallites from glass-​ceramics

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Solid State Ionics 266(2014)44. 


Pulsed laser deposition of (Co, Fe)​-​doped ZnSnSb and MnGeSb thin films on silicon

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Porous Al2O3 Films obtained by PLD on Copper Templates

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The Stone Age Revisited: Building a Monolithic Inorganic Lithium-Ion Battery  , Delaizir G., Viallet V., Aboulaich A,  Bouchet R., Tortet L., Seznec V., Morcrette M., Tarascon, J.M., Rozier P., Dolle M., Advanced Functional Materials (2012), 22(10), 2140.


*A new approach to develop safe all-inorganic monolithic li-ion batteries

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* PZT Films prepared by TVA and PLD from PbO(2):TiO(2):ZrO(2) (1:1:1) nanoceramic targets

Savastru D.; Tenciu D.; Lungu C. P.; Tortet L. ; Monnereau O. ; Grigorescu C.E.A.
Digest journal of  nanomaterials  and biostructures 6 , 1 (2011) 207.