COPS-XI : Scope of the conference

11th International Symposium on the
Characterization of Porous Solids (COPS-XI)
Avignon (France), 14th-17th May, 2017



A photo taken during the reception at the Cours Jeanne Laurent is shown below



The 11th International Symposium on the Characterization of Porous Solids (COPS-XI) in Avignon (France) is the latest of a series of symposia, held every 3 years, devoted to fundamental and applied research on the characterization of the structure of porous materials and the relationship between structure and material performance.

The scope includes

  • experimental characterization methods, such as X-ray diffraction, NMR, adsorption, mercury intrusion, calorimetry ...
  • theoretical and simulation methods used to interpret experimental data, such as molecular simulation, classical and statistical mechanical theory, pore network modeling ...
  • applied research, on the impact of measured material properties on performance in applications

The aim of this series of symposia is to bring together experts from academia and industry in order to share the latest developments in the characterization of porous solids using the various experimental and/or computational methods, together with the understanding of the relationships between the measured material properties and the final performance for a given application.


This conference was held at the Popes Palace in Avignon and will be chaired by Philip Llewellyn (CNRS-Marseille)







Exhibitors :