Characterization of Powders and Porous Solids

Thermal properties

—Materials stability with temperature can be followed with TGA (1500°C) and/or DSC (700°C). Degradation products can be followed using evolved gas analysis.

Textural properties


Properties such as surface area, pore size, pore volume and apparent density can be evaluated using gas physisorption (Ar, N2, Kr @ 77K), Hg porosimetry and He pynometry. One of our physisorption apparatus is equipped with a He cryostat allowing experiments in the range 50-300K to be carried out.

—Stability to humidity

We offer the possibility to carry out water adsorption to follow materials stability to water. The adsorption of other vapours is also possible.

—Particle size

Our powders lab offers the possibility to prepare materials using various grinding methods. It is then possible to separate different fractions with a number of sieves (200 – 20 µm).


In summary, the MADIREL laboratory contains specialists dealing with experimental aspects of gas adsorption for storage and separation. These aspects are equally followed using computer simulation. The group is also interested in the structural characterization of powders and confined media using XRD, EXAFS and Neutron diffraction.



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